The Great Divide and the Giraffe Heroes Foundation – An Appeal –

We are living in an age of divisions, growing ever more extreme.

The technical divide, yes; but not only. Increasingly, in the technically well advanced society the wealth and welfare divide is gaining dramatically ground and  has reached absolute, historical proportions. In parallel there is a less noted and less accepted divide creeping in: the intellectual divide.

The new Big Brother, China, is leading the lot, followed by a maniac American president who wishes to erase the intellectual discourse in the name of fake news and alternative facts.

The so called scientific community, powered by big pharma and power hungry, wealth loaded individuals follows suit and is seeking to establish a two-tier system for the wealthy and the rest in the name of individual medicine. Longevity for the upper 1% is powering a good if not the better chunk of start-ups in the Silicon Valleys of a polarizing world of haves and have nots.

In this situation it is becoming dangerous for having perceptions and thoughts which are not in line with what mainstream is declaring to be the correct theory. Covid 19 serves as the perfect example: people who dare to question the position of WHO or the German Robert Koch Institute are vilified and taken off-line, whatever sound the science of their arguments may be. A sober, fact and figure based discourse seems impossible by now in most communities. You are either right or wrong – and if you are declared wrong by the governing opinion, you must be evil or mentally sick; as demonstrated by the harassment of dissidents in not only the outright totalitarian systems.

This situation is utterly frustrating and calls for action. People with civil courage, people who dare to Stick Their Neck Out and call into question what is declared to be the must do or the must not do by ruling elite and/or ruling opinion are more in need than ever before.

If you feel the same we are calling for you to join the Giraffe Heroes Foundation at Or join our crowd(funding) campaign to come at Giraffes for Ecology & Climate Adaptation by sending an email now! Thank you!!

Tom and the GHF Team wish you well,

Basel, August 2020

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