Where is everybody?

A remote friend who returned from a world trip early March wrote to me “…. The most difficult thing is to touch ground again when everything is ‘so much in-the-air’.”

And yes, indeed, it seems people are evaporating somehow from their presence known to us previously.  Or was our previous perception an illusion? Hmm…. One thing, as another friend told me, fur sure is tension and stress. Some sort of mind paralyses seems to be gripping as a result. Everybody is on the defensive, preparing for whatever strange thing there is to come – or, no one is eager to go forward with what is not completely certain – this reversely the result of an utter uncertainty. For sure psychiatrists and burn-out mechanics are going to have a lot to do….

That seems to bode ill for what GHF is trying to do with the coordination of five personalities working hard for climate adaptation with their bees and trees. YOU could change that, but you have to come on board!

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