No Fires, no Flood only Sunshine and Rain…

The Scandinavian summer came along this year in such exceptional but unassuming beauty as not seen for many. It was, so to speak, utterly normal.

Swedish society at large also successfully refused to succumb to a virus predicament, which gripped societies around the globe and triggered the advance of a brave new world – steadfastly wearing its mask in face of unprecedented disaster.

In this new world, everyone seems to be more occupied than usually, primarily with precautions regarding personal safety – hygienically and financially. The poor are suffering more than ever….

The overall scenario seems to bode ill for our running crowd funding campaign Giraffe Fighting for Climate-Adaptation. The bees and trees, which are its focus, seem to be out of the picture for most now. However, if we want to cope with a new normal in a healthy, independent way, they should be paid more attention than ever before. That’s why I take the liberty again to urge you to come on board and spread the word. Thanks to all who have done so already and thanks to those still going to do!

Take good care


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