Courage and Trust

What about trust and UN leadership?

While the publication says plenty about courage, trust, on the other hand, is far less cited. When it is, it is mainly in conventional terms of building and creating trust, between parties or within a team. Similarly, many references speak to a second trust dimension, defined as “being trustworthy”, with people trusting you to do the right thing, to exercise courage, and so forth.

The emphasis on creating or building trust ignores a third and equally fundamental dimension of trust: the trust in others, and in them doing what is right. This dimension is harder than all others, because it is the most humbling. It requires self-effacement, and relinquishing some form of formal power.  To trust others to do what is right places the self on the periphery, not the center; off stage, not on stage….

by Marc Jacquand, go to full article

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