Sristi Village – An Island of Hope

“Their biggest disadvantage according to the society is that they are slow, but I think it is their biggest strength.”
Karthikeyan, the founder

When Karthik had bought the land for his dream project of establishing a village of hope for those who were outcast for being too retarded in the eyes of society there came an ugly surprise – the land was barren: no water at all. So he called in agricultural experts who tried to find a solution to the parched place, but did not come up with anything real. Along the way, an elder living in the area was watching him and one day approached him with the question what Karthik was trying to achieve. Upon hearing his vision the man showed Karthik a hidden water hole on the far end of the plot – but not only that, he also told him which trees to plant so as to recover the groundwater and what crops and vegetable to grow to make the land sustainable again – nothing of which the “experts” had been able to tell; so Karthik through them out and, relying on the advise of his fatherly new friend turned the barren plot into an oasis of growth to the benefit of all those depending on him and far beyond. Listen to his amazing story below and check it out at

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