Courage and Trust

What about trust and UN leadership? While the publication says plenty about courage, trust, on the other hand, is far less cited. When it is, it is mainly in conventional terms of building and creating trust, between parties or within a team. Similarly, many references speak to a second trust dimension, defined as “being trustworthy”, with people trusting you to do the right thing, to exercise courage, and so forth. The emphasis on creating or building trust ignores a third and equally fundamental dimension of trust: the trust in others, and in them doing what is right. This dimension is harder Read More

who dares knowing

In any case, this close relation between knowing and doing can help us to interpret one cause of the fear of knowing as deeply a fear of doing, a fear of the consequences that flow from knowing, a fear of its dangerous responsibilities. Often it is better not to know, because if you did know, then you would have to act and stick your neck out. (Abraham H. Maslow, Toward a Philosophy of Being, 1962; reprint Wilder Publications, 2011, p. 58f)

No Fires, no Flood only Sunshine and Rain…

The Scandinavian summer came along this year in such exceptional but unassuming beauty as not seen for many. It was, so to speak, utterly normal. Swedish society at large also successfully refused to succumb to a virus predicament, which gripped societies around the globe and triggered the advance of a brave new world – steadfastly wearing its mask in face of unprecedented disaster. In this new world, everyone seems to be more occupied than usually, primarily with precautions regarding personal safety – hygienically and financially. The poor are suffering more than ever…. The overall scenario seems to bode ill for Read More

Where is everybody?

A remote friend who returned from a world trip early March wrote to me “…. The most difficult thing is to touch ground again when everything is ‘so much in-the-air’.” And yes, indeed, it seems people are evaporating somehow from their presence known to us previously.  Or was our previous perception an illusion? Hmm…. One thing, as another friend told me, fur sure is tension and stress. Some sort of mind paralyses seems to be gripping as a result. Everybody is on the defensive, preparing for whatever strange thing there is to come – or, no one is eager to Read More

The Great Divide and the Giraffe Heroes Foundation – An Appeal –

We are living in an age of divisions, growing ever more extreme. The technical divide, yes; but not only. Increasingly, in the technically well advanced society the wealth and welfare divide is gaining dramatically ground and  has reached absolute, historical proportions. In parallel there is a less noted and less accepted divide creeping in: the intellectual divide. The new Big Brother, China, is leading the lot, followed by a maniac American president who wishes to erase the intellectual discourse in the name of fake news and alternative facts. The so called scientific community, powered by big pharma and power hungry, Read More

The incomplete, true, authentic and wonderful history of May Day – Peter Linebaugh

……On May Day 1980 the Green and Red themes were combined when a former Buick auto-maker from Detroit, one “Mr. Toad,” sat at a picnic table and penned the following lines, The eight hour day is not enough;We are thinking of more and better stuff.So here is our prayer and here is our plan,We want what we want and we’ll take what we can. Down with wars both small and large,Except for the ones where we’re in charge:Those are the wars of class against class,Where we get a chance to kick some ass.. For air to breathe and water to Read More

…. But Love is the Greatest Among Them

Fear and Love (by Tom Amatt) The main dominator of society at large in the 21st century seems to be fear. And when fear overcomes love it’s pretty much the end of hope. Because what binds the old and the young if not love. And, does love wear a mask? The reasoning of fear tells, yes. And so the old are kept from the young, locked down in their homes and suffer. And when they are not strong enough to resist, society has its way of isolating them in sickness even further – until they die – alone. In the Read More

From, 28/12/19

Is Donald Trump the Second 9/11?Or Is He the Third?By Tom Engelhardt Here’s the question at hand — and I guarantee you that you’ll read it here first: Is Donald Trump the second or even possibly the third 9/11? Because truly, he has to be one or the other. Let me explain, and while I do, keep this in mind: as 2019 ends, thanks to Brexit and the victory of Boris Johnson in Britain’s recent election, the greatest previous imperial power on this planet is clearly headed for the sub-basement of history. Meanwhile, that other superpower of the Cold War Read More

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