Giraffes Fighting for Climate Adaptation

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“Giraffes fighting for Climate Adaptation

Giraffes for Ecology and Climate Adaptation/Bees & Trees Initiative

2020 – Resilience against Viruses and Similar Hazards

The Giraffe Heroes Project is soon to become 40 years old. Its mission is to commend and support personalities sticking their necks out and fighting for the social issues that matter: justice, freedom and our environment.

For two years the Giraffe Heroes Foundation (GHF), devoted to European and Swiss Giraffes who stick their necks out for the common good, has been active from Basel.

This year GHF is going to launch the Giraffes for Ecology and Climate Adaptation/Bees & Trees Initiative which is going to be brought to you together with the crowd funding platform Wemakeit and (hopefully) the Impact Fund 2020/Climate.

The campaign will feature and support the work of five chosen Giraffes in Switzerland, Belgium and Spain. It also gives YOU the opportunity to take part in their work, learning and contributing wherever you are.

While these Five are struggling for their causes where they are right now, the Giraffes Fighting for Climate Adaptation project will create a joint platform to amplify their reach providing each of us the opportunity to become part of their efforts. Our focus is on Bees, Trees and our Environment and all five have something unique to offer:

  1. Cosco – Louis de Cordier, La Alpujarra, Spain

Cosco has rediscovered the believed lost Labyrinth of Egypt and realized the unbelievable project Biblioteca del Sol, high in the Sierra Nevada Mountains where knowledge is to be stored for a future full of uncertainties. Now he is working to transform that area into a refugium for bees and humans alike. We want to help him with his work for the establishment of the first European Bee Conservatory which will create a refuge not only for endangered bees but as well for humans working with them.

  • André Wermelinger, Fribourg, Switzerland

André is the first person to have given bees a voice: his NGO FREETHEBEES has established the fact that honey bees are exploited, over-stressed and therefore sick and at risk. So for nearly a decade he and his team have studied the natural living conditions of this key species. They have developed innovative methodologies and natural bee-hives so that honey bees can re-naturalize, recharge and gain strength in order to help them adapt to a changing environment and climate. With André’s expertise, Cosco will be able to realise his vision for the European Bee Conservatory which will set new standards for healthy bee keeping and demonstrate its efficiency.

  • Hendrik Haers, Bassevelde, Belgium

In a team with Cosco and André, Hendrik will give strategy workshops to reach out to the population at large. He has given up his career as a veterinarian doctor to study bees and trees. Subsequently, he started on an activist planting spree to help create healthy environments for bees and humans alike. While transforming the village where he lives hegained substantial professional experience and is now engaging in community education. We are looking forward to have him talking to you, with the goal to empower people across Europe to follow his example.

  • Chris Malins, MA; BA (Hons) – Sustainability Researcher, Tree Expert and Holistic Educator – La Alpujarra, Spain.

Chris has developed educational perspectives on current conventional global practices that not only affect bees but also address the wider questions of Human Sustainability. His goal is to establish an online platform for his ‘Green TransitionsProgramme’ to bring his experience and knowledge to all of us.

He has chosen to devote his life to work and fight for Human Sustainability through the development and practices of ‘Nature-Based Holistic Education’. Chris participated in the founding and improvement of local schools. Also he has proven, as an academic researcher, that kids who have lost touch with nature will naturally encounter increasing psychological stress.

  1. Dimi Dumortier, Rotselaar, Belgium

Artist, Social Worker, Activist, Documentary Film-maker, Musician, Comedian…..

Yes, and what else??? Dimi is a genius in his own right amongst our Giraffe Heroes and for sure one of the most lovable persons you might come to know. He uses his talents, guts and courage for people as well as for bees and the climate crisis. Last year we ran a successful campaign for his movie-in-the-making Not Your Bee and now we are asking you to help us to make it possible for him to support our campaign as an expert documentarist and more than that, a loving partner in our work at large.



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