What a Wealth in this Waste

Tony Joy, founder of Durian in Nigeria Tony Joy is doing impressive work in Nigeria. With her organization Durian, she’s helping out the most marginalized people in rural areas, transforming the image and comprehension of “rural equals poor and marginalized” towards “rural is creative and cool!”. How she’s managing to do this, she explains in a very straightforward, precise way in today’s podcast. Tony Joy is showing women a way to succeed, break standards, showing up and doing the right thing. She also talks how they coped with COVID-19 and the space she created to help out while things were Read More

Where is everybody?

A remote friend who returned from a world trip early March wrote to me “…. The most difficult thing is to touch ground again when everything is ‘so much in-the-air’.” And yes, indeed, it seems people are evaporating somehow from their presence known to us previously.  Or was our previous perception an illusion? Hmm…. One thing, as another friend told me, fur sure is tension and stress. Some sort of mind paralyses seems to be gripping as a result. Everybody is on the defensive, preparing for whatever strange thing there is to come – or, no one is eager to Read More

Celebrating Sven Hammrell

…… One of Sven’s greatest talents must have been the ability to spot unique people and ideas before anyone else. He and Olle would bring them into the ever-expanding network of the Dag Hammarskjold Foundation, ask them to contribute to Development Dialogue, and then stay connected with them forever. People leading new and alternative thinking on health, media, disarmament, science, technology, agriculture, ecology, education, pharmaceuticals, the global economy, UN reform, and any other conceivable, important topic were spotted and brought together. A young Pat Mooney was one such character. Sven realized before anyone else that this Canadian activist had an Read More

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