From, 28/12/19

Is Donald Trump the Second 9/11?Or Is He the Third?By Tom Engelhardt Here’s the question at hand — and I guarantee you that you’ll read it here first: Is Donald Trump the second or even possibly the third 9/11? Because truly, he has to be one or the other. Let me explain, and while I do, keep this in mind: as 2019 ends, thanks to Brexit and the victory of Boris Johnson in Britain’s recent election, the greatest previous imperial power on this planet is clearly headed for the sub-basement of history. Meanwhile, that other superpower of the Cold War Read More

They Hacked the Constitution –

            The constitutional system only functions as a whole and when each of its branches works as intended. When all three don’t just fail, but fail deliberately and with coordination, the result is a culture of impunity. I realized that I was crazy to have imagined that the Supreme Court, or Congress, or President Obama, seeking to distance his administration from President George W. Bush’s, would ever hold the Intelligence Community responsible – for anything. It was time to face the fact that the IC believed themselves above the law, and given how broken the process was, they were right. Read More

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