Omnicidal Plutocrats

by George Monbiot One of the problems we face in persuading people to love and protect the living world is the language in which this love is expressed. Few of the terms we use vividly describe either the planet we are trying to defend or the threats it faces. Take “the environment”: a cold, abstract and distancing term that creates no pictures in the mind. Have you ever seen an “environment”? Or “climate change”, such a mild and neutral term to describe an existential catastrophe. It’s like calling an invading army “unexpected visitors”. I’ve been pressing for more effective language Read More

The world, the future, our hearts—everything grows smaller and harder from this war.

—-Anne Boyer, Resignation Letter from the New York Times I have resigned as poetry editor of the New York Times Magazine. The Israeli state’s U.S-backed war against the people of Gaza is not a war for anyone. There is no safety in it or from it, not for Israel, not for the United States or Europe, and especially not for the many Jewish people slandered by those who claim falsely to fight in their names. Its only profit is the deadly profit of oil interests and weapon manufacturers. The world, the future, our hearts—everything grows smaller and harder from this war. It is not only a war Read More

Ideology and Totalitarianism

by Dilip Simeon, 2014 NB: this piece deserves attention by anyone interested into the the state of the present. t.a. Ideology as a law of motionIdeology means the logic of an idea. The dictionary defines it as a system of ideaspertaining especially to political or economic systems, and lays stress on the tendency ofideologies ‘to justify actions and be maintained irrespective of events.’ Ideologies alsotend to carry an attachment to absolute truth, for which another term could be certainty.The Marxist use of the term associates it with ‘false consciousness’ – which raises thequestion of how we may distinguish false from Read More

Frank Neumann, Behemoth, Introduction

by Peter Hayes, quoted from the 1942 edition I wonder whether this sounds familiar these days….., Franc INTRODUCTIONby Peter HayesF r a n z N e u m a n n ’s Behemoth is one of the classics of modem politicalanalysis. Recognized upon publication during World War II as the firstthoroughly researched unmasking of what the subtitle promised—thestructure and practice of Nazism—the book has remained a stimulus toinquiry and debate to this day. T h e provocative and controversial centralargument, telegraphed by the choice of title, is that the Third Reichneither expressed a consistent ideology nor possessed a coherent structure.Like Read More

Elon Musk – THE Tweeter, Symptomatic of our Times….

Reposted from Dilip Simeon’s blog Elon Musk is the king of trolls in an age of troll politics / What better owner for Twitter than master of the ill-advised tweet? Posted: 27 Apr 2022 07:43 PM PDT Even while hammering out the final details of his £35bn ($44bn) purchase of Twitter, Elon Musk took some time out this weekend to tweet. He likes tweeting, does the world’s richest man, usually from what he calls his “porcelain throne” (that detail disclosed on Twitter, naturally enough). This one was a photo of Bill Gates, zeroing in on the 66-year-old’s modest paunch and Read More

Who is Next?

to disappear? I’m re-posting these messages by Chris Hedges and probably are going to post more of the same as the age of Being Disappeared advances across the globe…. Chris Hedges: On Being Disappeared / The Lie of American Innocence Posted: 29 Mar 2022 11:48 PM PDT The entire archive of On Contact, the Emmy-nominated show I hosted for six years for RT America and RT International, has been disappeared from YouTube. Gone is the interview with Nathaniel Philbrick on his book about George Washington. Gone is the discussion with Kai Bird on his biography of J. Robert Oppenheimer. Gone Read More

Und das lesen Sie nur in der NZZ

Und das lesen Sie nur in der NZZ: Die Ankunft der ukrainischen Flüchtlinge weckt Erinnerungen an die Flüchtlingskrise 2015/16. Die Bedingungen sind jetzt aber fundamental anders. Die Flüchtlinge sind hauptsächlich Frauen und Kinder. Und europäische Nachbarn. Den unterschiedlichen Umgang mit arabischen und ukrainischen Flüchtlingen als problematisch darzustellen, ist moralisierender Unfug. In einer idealen Welt würde man jedem helfen wollen. Faktisch ist das nicht möglich.

Neo-Fascists, Hurray!

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