True Decision Building

The American Soul As Reflected in the Questions of the Heart by Jacob Needleman Why Do We Live? Reason, Liberty and Love “To repeat, this capacity which they called “reason” has little to do with what we usually refer to by that name. It is not something that can be programmed into a computer; nor is it a collection of information and data; nor is it the power to develop ingenious hypotheses for the purpose of short-term prediction and material advantage—all these are capacities of the mind which in their way are shared by the animals and many of which Read More

Out of Silence

“…. This energy is not what we ordinarily call thought. But it is this energy that has the power to do what we have wrongly imagined our ordinary thought can do. It can direct all our functions, including our mental thought. This book, therefore …. is in itself a step toward the work of the mind that desperately needs to be rediscovered in our era. The proper work of the mind is to function at two levels, the level of silence and the level of expression. And it is expression that is secondary – that is, truth in the form Read More

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