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Unfortunately it is impossible to conduct an impartial and therefore objective discourse regarding the Corona subject….. However, even so – or especially so, we are delighted to bring Y. A. Durañona’s related Podcast with a TCM researcher from Beijing to your attention as it sheds a refreshingly candid light on the “deadly pandemic”. Read the synopsis and listen to the talk below.

“TCM – Prevention and Treatment for COVID 19

Efficacy of Traditional Chinese Medicine on COVID-19

The Coronavirus disease pandemic has been rapidly spreading globally and has caused worldwide social and economic disruption. As scientists raced to develop a vaccine for Covid-19, China has been championing Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) as a way to treat the disease. Todays podcast is a Special. We want to enrich the Media world with some really enlightening information on how TCM was used in China to prevent and treat COVID 19, in order to get severe cases under control, or not even get to that point. Be it by giving hospital staff certain nutrition advice to prevent infections with COVID 19, or treating the vast population when an outbreak threatened to get the tight hospital facilities for so many people overloaded. In either case, the results are impressive and one wonders – why is hardly anybody talking about these studies and results? There are quite a large number of people, who have actually been treated that way. Luckily, when talking to Angela about our every day experience with COVID 19, she was very happy to join our podcast and let more people know about what information she’s getting, when digging a bit more into what TCM can contribute to deal with the worldwide pandemic. Convince yourself and join todays podcast:”

TCM – Prevention and Treatment for COVID 19 – Giraffe Heroes (

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