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What Meghana Raveendra is writing on the Kanthari Blog brings one of the key questions for effective positive change to the point: will social change makers around the globe be able to form a movement or will they sooner or later be cornered as freaks and fall victim to Orwellian type of standardization and sterilization permeating politics at large during these times? We feel with her and that shared feeling had brought about our partnership with Kanthari since last year…… f.n.

knock knock knock

– By Meghana Raveendra

“Networking is not about just connecting people. It’s about connecting people with people, people with ideas, and people with opportunities.”  – Michele Jennae

And now imagine, if these people are ethical social change makers! Wouldn’t that bring about spice in different parts of the world?

COVID-19 has brought to limelight extreme inequalities – gender discrimination, economic neglection and a number of other social problems. In such a time, it becomes very crucial to build a network of social change makers across the world. A network where they can rely on each other, support each other, have access to opportunities for funds and keep the drive to realize a positive difference in their communities.

The idea for a creating such a network was initiated by a group of kanthari graduates in India, who wanted to create a space to seek support after kick starting their own social ventures. This gave birth to KNOCK – kanthari network of change and knowledge.

When I heard about this idea and once I found out that they are looking for someone to coordinate this entire network, I felt an adrenaline rush.

As a 2019 kanthari graduate and as a co-founder of a nonprofit, which aims to create a transformation in the education system in India, I had been looking for opportunities to work with social changemakers who are going beyond their interest, connect the dots and creating a direct impact by working on global challenges like environment, climate change, gender, poverty, discrimination, social justice, education etc. All of this is part of being a knock coordinator. I believe these learnings will further support me in curating projects that can be key in opening an access to information and knowledge through our education system for our children and youth, where they can understand global challenges and the need to be ethical, inclusive, and open to have difficult conversations.

I perceive this network as a space which allows me access to ethical changemakers across the world, their knowledge, skills, support, and love. It is a space where all can share challenges, ask for support, celebrate achievements and provide knowledge and skills to other changemakers. It is an asset to have a network of shoulders to lean on in difficult times. Being a social changemaker, there are times when one can end up being  lonely due to different kind of challenges that we deal with in day-to-day life – whether it’s our passion or our personal life. This network is full of like-minded people who will not need to put the effort others need to, to understand the struggles a kanthari changemaker goes  through while realizing their goals.

Our world lacks a network of change makers who are willing to be there for each other despite the challenges they themselves face. In the way our world functions today, we all grow up being conditioned to look out for ourselves, our families, our communities. We truly believe there is a need to break this cycle and go beyond to support our fellows with the same energy and enthusiasm as we would do for our own communities. Imagine a world where social change has no borders!

Currently 226 kantharis are making a difference in their communities across 48 countries. We believe this network will be a great space for them to continue to amplify their work and magnify the impact of their vision.

Keep watching this space for more information what knock is all about.

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  • Can you provide more information about the structure and activities of the KNOCK network? What can individuals and organizations expect when they become part of this network?

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