Wim Hof and the Kenya Garden of Eden (from Wim’s blog)


Our project work consists of 3 main aspects:

1) Creating awareness about the importance of life in harmony with nature.

2) Restoring life in nature: opening up migration paths, creating clean water sources, removing fences, planting trees.

3) Conserving life in nature: establishing a sustainable and community-owned Nature Conservancy.

Our main priority is to open up migration paths for wildlife and livestock. Our strategy is to restore and enlarge the migration corridors by creating community water wells. To get legal access to the water wells, it is mandatory for all landowners to remove their fences to a maximum of 5% of fenced land per family. These small fences are needed to protect the people and cattle during the night against predators. Community members who follow these regulations will become a member of the ‘Garden of Eden’ Conservancy Project. Apart from access to clean water they will receive more benefits through the project when enough funds are raised, such as cooking stoves using less firewood and creating less smoke.

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