Edwar Snowden’s Christmas Letter ’21

…….the US government has just sought to redefine as acts of heinous criminal conspiracy. Two-hearted, two-minded creatures: the media is full of them. And too many have been content to accept the US government’s determination that what should properly be the highest purpose of the media — the uncovering of truth, in the face of attempts to hide it — is suddenly in doubt and quite possibly illegal. That chill in the air this Christmas season? If Assange’s prosecution is allowed to continue, it will become a freeze. Bundle up. https://www.rsn.org/001/everything-going-great-bad-faith-worse-news-and-julian-assange.html Edward Snowden – Everything Going Great: Bad Faith, Worse Read More

The End is he Beginning: Vandana Shiva, ONENESS vs the 1% – Shattering Illusion, Seeding Freedom, Chelsea Green 2018 – with Kartikey Shiva

One year after Douglas Rushkoff’s Throwing Rocks at the Google Bus – disturbing enough an analytical description of the evolution of Corporatism since the late Middle Ages and its apotheosis during the present days – Vandana Shiva published an even more detailed, harrowing, terrifying and revolting account of where the present global society is heading for: the abyss. Vandana Shiva is an acclaimed scientist and since decades a crusader for upholding objective scientific standards, apart from being one of if not THE most influential activist for the protection of our environment in terms of biodiversity and the protection of seedbanks, Read More

Julian Assange: shame shame shame

Assange, at tremendous personal cost, warned us. He gave us the truth. The ruling class is crucifying him for this truth. With his crucifixion, the dim lights of our democracy go dark.

Chris Hedges, The execution of Julian Assange: he exposed the crimes of empire – and that could not be tolerated

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Live is too Important to Get Stuck, Podcast with Paul Kronenberg

True purpose and motivation create the inner value beyond riches and are the foundation for a healthy society in a heathy world. The co-founder and chief organizer of the Kanthari-Movement – the Kerala-based ‘Incubator’ for Changemakers to be – makes this strikingly obvious by sharing his vast experience, knowledge, success and above all, yes, joy in doing what he is doing. Listen to this truly inspiring GHF-Stick Your Neck Out Podcast with Yampier Duranona: Life is too important to get stuck (giraffe-heroes.eu)

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