At the Occasion of the 75th Anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi’s Assassination

Excerpt reposted from Dilip’s blog After the Truth – Shower I commented: The Mahatma is nodding his head in appreciation, I’m sure. An essay as sharp and correct as you always write and with a deeply moving end unveiling the predicament of the times we got ourselves stuck in… …… Italy, Germany’s Third Reich, the Peoples Republic of China, or the Islamic regimes of Iran or Saudi Arabia (I remain focused on the question of law, and do not intend to conflate the peculiarities of these regimes). Tyranny stamps out human freedom. Ideological tyranny attempts to strangulate the human mind Read More

A Guardian of Humanity, indeed…

….. Therefore I do not put my faith in any new institution, but in the individuals all over the world who think clearly, feel nobly, and act rightly, thus becoming the channels of moral truth. Our moral ideals do not work with chisels and hammers. Like trees, they spread their roots in the soil and their branches in the sky, without consulting any architect for their plans….. Reposted from Dilip’s blog with thanks, tom

Ideology and Totalitarianism

by Dilip Simeon, 2014 NB: this piece deserves attention by anyone interested into the the state of the present. t.a. Ideology as a law of motionIdeology means the logic of an idea. The dictionary defines it as a system of ideaspertaining especially to political or economic systems, and lays stress on the tendency ofideologies ‘to justify actions and be maintained irrespective of events.’ Ideologies alsotend to carry an attachment to absolute truth, for which another term could be certainty.The Marxist use of the term associates it with ‘false consciousness’ – which raises thequestion of how we may distinguish false from Read More

guardian of humanity, guardian of The Tradition

A big Thank You goes to Dilip Simeon, himself a guardian, for giving this great lecture in reverence of the Mahatma…..! The search for new timeBy Dilip Simeon(Presented at the Champaran Satyagrah centenary celebrations Patna, April 10, 2017) The timing of death, like the ending of a story, gives a changed meaning to what preceded it: MaryCatherine Bateson Nihilism doesn’t stand at the door, as Nietzsche told us over a century ago. It has entered the house. Wenow speak as if belief is the highest form of truth, feelings may freely be substituted for facts, truth ispure illusion and war Read More

Giraffe Heroes turn into Guardians of Humanity and going incognito

(English below) «Stick your Neck Out» war und ist in Amerika das Motto der für ihren couragierten und hartnäckigen Kampf für das Gemeingut ausgezeichneten Giraffe-Heroes. Vor bald fünf Jahren wurde ein europäischer Ableger, die Giraffe Heroes Foundation (GHF) vom Verfasser dieses Artikels hier in Basel gegründet. Die Geschichte des Giraffe Heroes Project ist 40 Jahre alt und geht zurück auf die noch heute aktiven Gründer Ann Medlock und John Graham: Ann war und ist eine hervorragende Schriftstellerin, Journalistin, Feministin; ihr Mann John, ex-Diplomat, schmiss seine vielversprechende Karriere mit 39 Jahren hin, als er erkannte, dass die Interessen der Herren, denen Read More

Frank Neumann, Behemoth, Introduction

by Peter Hayes, quoted from the 1942 edition I wonder whether this sounds familiar these days….., Franc INTRODUCTIONby Peter HayesF r a n z N e u m a n n ’s Behemoth is one of the classics of modem politicalanalysis. Recognized upon publication during World War II as the firstthoroughly researched unmasking of what the subtitle promised—thestructure and practice of Nazism—the book has remained a stimulus toinquiry and debate to this day. T h e provocative and controversial centralargument, telegraphed by the choice of title, is that the Third Reichneither expressed a consistent ideology nor possessed a coherent structure.Like Read More

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