Elon Musk – THE Tweeter, Symptomatic of our Times….

Reposted from Dilip Simeon’s blog Elon Musk is the king of trolls in an age of troll politics / What better owner for Twitter than master of the ill-advised tweet? Posted: 27 Apr 2022 07:43 PM PDT Even while hammering out the final details of his £35bn ($44bn) purchase of Twitter, Elon Musk took some time out this weekend to tweet. He likes tweeting, does the world’s richest man, usually from what he calls his “porcelain throne” (that detail disclosed on Twitter, naturally enough). This one was a photo of Bill Gates, zeroing in on the 66-year-old’s modest paunch and Read More

Who is Next?

to disappear? I’m re-posting these messages by Chris Hedges and probably are going to post more of the same as the age of Being Disappeared advances across the globe…. Chris Hedges: On Being Disappeared / The Lie of American Innocence Posted: 29 Mar 2022 11:48 PM PDT The entire archive of On Contact, the Emmy-nominated show I hosted for six years for RT America and RT International, has been disappeared from YouTube. Gone is the interview with Nathaniel Philbrick on his book about George Washington. Gone is the discussion with Kai Bird on his biography of J. Robert Oppenheimer. Gone Read More

Und das lesen Sie nur in der NZZ

Und das lesen Sie nur in der NZZ: Die Ankunft der ukrainischen Flüchtlinge weckt Erinnerungen an die Flüchtlingskrise 2015/16. Die Bedingungen sind jetzt aber fundamental anders. Die Flüchtlinge sind hauptsächlich Frauen und Kinder. Und europäische Nachbarn. Den unterschiedlichen Umgang mit arabischen und ukrainischen Flüchtlingen als problematisch darzustellen, ist moralisierender Unfug. In einer idealen Welt würde man jedem helfen wollen. Faktisch ist das nicht möglich.

Neo-Fascists, Hurray!

Minima Moralia on Media Vulture

“Feeding on the carrion of a Dead Culture” – – When double checking on the English version of below Entry 71 of Minima Moralia by Adorno, 1945, I found the English version quoted about a bit over a decade ago on a site with above title and subtitle, which can be found telling in it’s own right…..: Pseudomenos [Greek: liar]. APRIL 13, 2011 “To see what is in front of one’s nose needs a constant struggle” — George Orwell The magnetic power which ideologies exert over human beings, while they have become entirely threadbare, is to be explained beyond psychology, in Read More


Adorno, Minima Moralia, 43, Surhkamp Frankfurt, 1951 – English below Wenn etwas die Verrantheit der sog. ‘Objektiven Fakten’ – Dogmatiker oder ‘Mainstream Fassadenbauer’ kurz gesagt punktuiert, dann dieser Text – geschrieben im letzten Jahr des 2. Weltkriegs….(F.N.): Bangemachen gilt nicht. – Was objektiv die Wahrheit sei, bleibt schwer genugauszumachen, aber im Umgang mit Menschen soll man davon nicht sich terrorisierenlassen. Es gibt da Kriterien, die fürs erste ausreichen. Eines der zuverlässigsten ist,daß einem entgegengehalten wird, eine Aussage sei »zu subjektiv«. Wird das geltendgemacht und gar mit jener Indignation, in der die wütende Harmonie allervernünftigen Leute mitklingt, so hat man Grund, Read More

Indisputably Disputable Evidence….

Alting von Geusau on Hannah Arendt’s The Origins of Totalitarianism,1948. ….Not since the end of the Second World War have so many renowned and acclaimed academics, scientists and medical doctors, including Nobel Prize recipients and nominees, been silenced, deplatformed and fired from their positions only because they do not support the official or ‘correct’ line. They simply desire for a robust public discourse on the question of how best to deal with the issue at hand and thus engage in a common search for truth. This is the point where we know from history that the ideology of the day Read More

Scotland – Let the Figures Speak

During a hypnosis the medium is unaware of what is commonly called the real world. Facts and figures are not perceived, ignored or oppressed…. Scotland, no less in the hypnosis of fear than its neighboring countries, nonetheless has at least the figures prepared. Please follow the Scotland Public Health link and check for yourself on page 42, statistics for the month as of December 4th, 2021: https://publichealthscotland.scot/media/11089/22-01-12-covid19-winter_publication_report.pdf The trend shown persists at least since November 17th demonstrated in the same report as of Dec. 20th. Have a good start into the New Year!

Edwar Snowden’s Christmas Letter ’21

…….the US government has just sought to redefine as acts of heinous criminal conspiracy. Two-hearted, two-minded creatures: the media is full of them. And too many have been content to accept the US government’s determination that what should properly be the highest purpose of the media — the uncovering of truth, in the face of attempts to hide it — is suddenly in doubt and quite possibly illegal. That chill in the air this Christmas season? If Assange’s prosecution is allowed to continue, it will become a freeze. Bundle up. https://www.rsn.org/001/everything-going-great-bad-faith-worse-news-and-julian-assange.html Edward Snowden – Everything Going Great: Bad Faith, Worse Read More

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