Wim Hof and Oganes Arustamov

March 19th, 2021 Dear Colleagues, Dear Friends, It is my pleasure to announce the Commendations of Oganes Arustamov and Wim Hof as Giraffe-Heroes. Especially during the strange times we are living in both of them offer a method to cope with the challenge. We had two somewhat critical voices regarding the nominations, one for each of the candidates. As for the rather young Oganes (b. 1991) the question was whether there is ‘already enough in the plate’ to justify a commendation – as for Wim Hof (b. 1959 and with ‘a lot in the plate’) the question was about the Read More

Shared Ideas, Shared Ideals, Shared Actions….

What Meghana Raveendra is writing on the Kanthari Blog brings one of the key questions for effective positive change to the point: will social change makers around the globe be able to form a movement or will they sooner or later be cornered as freaks and fall victim to Orwellian type of standardization and sterilization permeating politics at large during these times? We feel with her and that shared feeling had brought about our partnership with Kanthari since last year…… f.n. knock knock knock – By Meghana Raveendra “Networking is not about just connecting people. It’s about connecting people with Read More

Wim Hof and the Kenya Garden of Eden (from Wim’s blog)

HOW ARE WE HELPING? Our project work consists of 3 main aspects: 1) Creating awareness about the importance of life in harmony with nature. 2) Restoring life in nature: opening up migration paths, creating clean water sources, removing fences, planting trees. 3) Conserving life in nature: establishing a sustainable and community-owned Nature Conservancy. Our main priority is to open up migration paths for wildlife and livestock. Our strategy is to restore and enlarge the migration corridors by creating community water wells. To get legal access to the water wells, it is mandatory for all landowners to remove their fences to Read More

School versus Tradition

Unfortunately it is impossible to conduct an impartial and therefore objective discourse regarding the Corona subject….. However, even so – or especially so, we are delighted to bring Y. A. Durañona’s related Podcast with a TCM researcher from Beijing to your attention as it sheds a refreshingly candid light on the “deadly pandemic”. Read the synopsis and listen to the talk below. “TCM – Prevention and Treatment for COVID 19 Efficacy of Traditional Chinese Medicine on COVID-19 The Coronavirus disease pandemic has been rapidly spreading globally and has caused worldwide social and economic disruption. As scientists raced to develop a Read More

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