…. But Love is the Greatest Among Them

Fear and Love (by Tom Amatt) The main dominator of society at large in the 21st century seems to be fear. And when fear overcomes love it’s pretty much the end of hope. Because what binds the old and the young if not love. And, does love wear a mask? The reasoning of fear tells, yes. And so the old are kept from the young, locked down in their homes and suffer. And when they are not strong enough to resist, society has its way of isolating them in sickness even further – until they die – alone. In the Read More

Message from a friend: April 23rd, 2020 – Smuggler not Netted

Brilliant weather.  4.30pm, on the bike with saddle bags along the Rhine with many people, on the river police boat enjoying its time as well it seems. Across the dam at the hydro power plant and further up the Rhine, then through the garden allotments – many cars, people enjoying bbq – across the border road passing under the regional train line and right into the side street following along the Swiss German border, now ‘closed’ by a white/red plastic ribbon. And up onto the footpath between border and Hoernli cemetery nursery and then hitting the forest road at the Read More

Charles Eisenstein – Coronation

Already we can feel the power of who we might become. A true sovereign does not run in fear from life or from death. A true sovereign does not dominate and conquer (that is a shadow archetype, the Tyrant). The true sovereign serves the people, serves life, and respects the sovereignty of all people. The coronation marks the emergence of the unconscious into consciousness, the crystallization of chaos into order, the transcendence of compulsion into choice. We become the rulers of that which had ruled us. The New World Order that the conspiracy theorists fear is a shadow of the Read More

Don’t Blame the Bat, by Silvia Ribeiro

….we need to understand that it´s the peasant food webs that already reaches 70% of the world population. There are reports from ETC and GRAIN showing that 70% of the world population is mainly supported by small-scale production of campesinos, small farmers, also urban gardens, and other forms of food exchange and gathering that are small, decentralized, and local. This is what feeds most of humanity but it´s not enough because they have too little land. And it is not only healthier food, but it is the food system that really reaches most of the people. These alternatives should be Read More

This Pandemic is a Warm-up Drill – by John Graham …………… So I leave the house with mask and gloves and I social-distance my way to the post office and the grocery store and the pharmacy. There’s no way I’m going to put other people at risk by being macho myself. Here’s hoping that idea is getting through to other adventure junkies like me. I value lessons like those from philosopher and educator Parker Palmer who said in a recent essay, “As some of the fallout from this crisis comes my way… I’m learning more about the good hearts of Read More

Lie low – Fly high

This is the time to be slow, Lie low to the wall Until the bitter weather passes. Try, as best you can, not to let The wire brush of doubt Scrape from your heart All sense of yourself And your hesitant light. If you remain generous, Time will come good; And you will find your feet Again on fresh pastures of promise, Where the air will be kind And blushed with beginning John O’Donohue (1 January 1956 – 4 January 2008) (reposted from Dilip Simeon’s blog)

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