True Decision Building

The American Soul As Reflected in the Questions of the Heart by Jacob Needleman Why Do We Live? Reason, Liberty and Love “To repeat, this capacity which they called “reason” has little to do with what we usually refer to by that name. It is not something that can be programmed into a computer; nor is it a collection of information and data; nor is it the power to develop ingenious hypotheses for the purpose of short-term prediction and material advantage—all these are capacities of the mind which in their way are shared by the animals and many of which Read More

Hongkong 100 Days of Creativity

AFP, September 16th, 2019 With Hong Kong shaken by 100 days of huge pro-democracy protests, activists have adopted a host of creative ways to fuel their movement away from the barricades. From laser pen light shows, to flashmob singalongs and human chains, we look at some of the inventive methods embraced by a movement that shows no signs of abating. – Flashmob singalongs – Music has long played a prominent role in Hong Kong’s years of democracy rallies. The tune that received the most traction early on in this summer’s protests was the catchy Christian hymn “Sing Hallelujah to the Read More

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