GHF 2020 and 21

Friends: The Giraffe-Heroes Foundation is looking back at a year full of surprises – in many ways. One thing is for sure, our slogan, Where there are Giraffes there is Hope, perhaps has never been more fitting than during these days….. We devoted a lot of time and resources to our Giraffe for Climate Adaptation – The Bees and Trees Initiative – . Even though the crowd-funding campaign was without success, the cooperation among Dimi Dumortier, Hendrik Haers, André Wermelinger, Chris Malins, Cosco and ourselves was much of a reward and produced a good understanding of how to cooperate in Read More

Beyond sight: Blind rocks!

Sristi KC: enthusiastic and empowering With Sristi KC, founder of Blind Rocks! in Nepal one can really feel the vibe and what she wants to transmit with her organisation. One of her most important statements: “There should be more of us all around the world dancing, more blind people who rock the world, so people can see us and realise that we’re just as able to do so instead of making us feel disabled and marginalised”. Sristi

Stick Your Neck Out for Truth and Independence

Chris, as Mohammed El-Gharani was called in Guantanamo, was taken prisoner as a 14 year old pupil while learning English and IT with his friend’s uncle in Karachi. Since he had come from Medina the Pakistani authorities sold him for a ransom as a potential Arab terrorist to the American military right after 9/11 – who took him to Guantanamo. There he became the most unruly and obtuse inmate of the camp, organizing a defiant struggle for justice and fairness against the brutalizing, torturing guards. His weapon was truth and independence of the mind which he kept up against all Read More

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