“…. Is it still possible by any means to save them….?”

George Gurdjeff, Belzebub’s Tales to His Grandson Gurdjeff’s Belzebub certainly counts among the most arcane fiction ever put on paper. And that not only because the Belzebub, commonly identified with the devil, appears as the most benevolent character in the history of mankind. The 1000-something pages oeuvre in which Belzebub tells his adventures on earth  to his grandson Hassein while they are cruising space from Mars to Jupiter gives a rather damning account of human behavior through the ages and makes quite a mockery of sapiens, especially in modern times. The grandson, who takes a compassionate interest into the fate Read More

School versus Tradition

Unfortunately it is impossible to conduct an impartial and therefore objective discourse regarding the Corona subject….. However, even so – or especially so, we are delighted to bring Y. A. Durañona’s related Podcast with a TCM researcher from Beijing to your attention as it sheds a refreshingly candid light on the “deadly pandemic”. Read the synopsis and listen to the talk below. “TCM – Prevention and Treatment for COVID 19 Efficacy of Traditional Chinese Medicine on COVID-19 The Coronavirus disease pandemic has been rapidly spreading globally and has caused worldwide social and economic disruption. As scientists raced to develop a Read More

Sristi Village – An Island of Hope

“Their biggest disadvantage according to the society is that they are slow, but I think it is their biggest strength.” Karthikeyan, the founder When Karthik had bought the land for his dream project of establishing a village of hope for those who were outcast for being too retarded in the eyes of society there came an ugly surprise – the land was barren: no water at all. So he called in agricultural experts who tried to find a solution to the parched place, but did not come up with anything real. Along the way, an elder living in the area Read More

Reverse Inclusion: Ability Sports Africa

The Ability of the Disabled is the Disability of the Abled. Faruk Musema, a Kanthari Alumni from Uganda, realized that early on as a child who loved sports, but who got stigmatized because of a slight handicap. So he went on to look for a way to do sports with those disabled – disabled in the eyes of the abled – and realized what tremendous abilities these people possess. Form there he set out to build a vision for ASA – Ability Sports Africa. At ASA everybody is welcome and the able are learning about their disabilities and to admire Read More

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