Live is too Important to Get Stuck, Podcast with Paul Kronenberg

True purpose and motivation create the inner value beyond riches and are the foundation for a healthy society in a heathy world. The co-founder and chief organizer of the Kanthari-Movement – the Kerala-based ‘Incubator’ for Changemakers to be – makes this strikingly obvious by sharing his vast experience, knowledge, success and above all, yes, joy in doing what he is doing. Listen to this truly inspiring GHF-Stick Your Neck Out Podcast with Yampier Duranona: Life is too important to get stuck (

“Stick Your Neck Out” – The Podcast to Restore Your Faith in Humanity

by Yampier Aguiar Duranona – for German version scroll down; first published on the Kanthari Blog, June 4th, ’21 You might think that writing about your own podcast is an easy homework. Well, no it isn’t. At least not for me. When I was searching a catchy slogan for the podcast “Stick Your Neck Out!”, the Podcast of the Giraffe Heroes Foundation, I was looking for something that sounded good, inspires and described the initial idea of the podcast – today, with more than 35 episodes published and many more in production, I am convinced that the one I found Read More

Shared Ideas, Shared Ideals, Shared Actions….

What Meghana Raveendra is writing on the Kanthari Blog brings one of the key questions for effective positive change to the point: will social change makers around the globe be able to form a movement or will they sooner or later be cornered as freaks and fall victim to Orwellian type of standardization and sterilization permeating politics at large during these times? We feel with her and that shared feeling had brought about our partnership with Kanthari since last year…… f.n. knock knock knock – By Meghana Raveendra “Networking is not about just connecting people. It’s about connecting people with Read More

The Grameen Business No-Brainer

Giraffe Hero Sabriye Tenberken has written a series on famous infamous micro financial poverty alleviation or better elevation. The ex-clusivity and cruelty of the allegedly humanitarian and inclusive approach is poignantly revealed in Part 4, rendered hereafter. (cf. kanthari corona blog 12-02-2021) “All human beings are born entrepreneurs. Some get a chance to unleash that capacity. Some never got the chance, never knew that he or she has that capacity.” – Muhammad Yunus, founder of Grameen Bank, 2006 Nobel Peace Prize laureate.Is that true? Is every human really born an entrepreneur? And do we only need to be given a Read More

Sristi Village – An Island of Hope

“Their biggest disadvantage according to the society is that they are slow, but I think it is their biggest strength.” Karthikeyan, the founder When Karthik had bought the land for his dream project of establishing a village of hope for those who were outcast for being too retarded in the eyes of society there came an ugly surprise – the land was barren: no water at all. So he called in agricultural experts who tried to find a solution to the parched place, but did not come up with anything real. Along the way, an elder living in the area Read More

Reverse Inclusion: Ability Sports Africa

The Ability of the Disabled is the Disability of the Abled. Faruk Musema, a Kanthari Alumni from Uganda, realized that early on as a child who loved sports, but who got stigmatized because of a slight handicap. So he went on to look for a way to do sports with those disabled – disabled in the eyes of the abled – and realized what tremendous abilities these people possess. Form there he set out to build a vision for ASA – Ability Sports Africa. At ASA everybody is welcome and the able are learning about their disabilities and to admire Read More

Beyond sight: Blind rocks!

Sristi KC: enthusiastic and empowering With Sristi KC, founder of Blind Rocks! in Nepal one can really feel the vibe and what she wants to transmit with her organisation. One of her most important statements: “There should be more of us all around the world dancing, more blind people who rock the world, so people can see us and realise that we’re just as able to do so instead of making us feel disabled and marginalised”. Sristi

What a Wealth in this Waste

Tony Joy, founder of Durian in Nigeria Tony Joy is doing impressive work in Nigeria. With her organization Durian, she’s helping out the most marginalized people in rural areas, transforming the image and comprehension of “rural equals poor and marginalized” towards “rural is creative and cool!”. How she’s managing to do this, she explains in a very straightforward, precise way in today’s podcast. Tony Joy is showing women a way to succeed, break standards, showing up and doing the right thing. She also talks how they coped with COVID-19 and the space she created to help out while things were Read More


An Education Reform Grassroots Project: learning to question, learning to make a choice, a choice of YOUR OWN. This podcast with Kanthari member, engineer, inventor and education reform activist Abhijit Sinha is the first in a great sequence to come since we have reached agreement with Sabriye and Paul, the Kanthari founders and commended Giraffe-Heroes to cooperate and pool our efforts to give change makers a wider platform. Listen on the GHF website or via Spotify below and don’t hesitate to comment!

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